Types of Competition

Types of Competition - • Decision-Making Skills •...

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Types of Competition Pure Competition: Multiple buyers and sellers exist. No one group or groups can become large enough to influence prices. Monopoly: There is only one produce of a product in a given market. Oligopoly: Industry is dominated by only a few producers. Monopolistic Competition: Large number of sellers, none can dominate the market. Social Environment Diversity/Multicultural Aging/Graying of America Two-Income Families Single-Parent Families Global Environment International Competition and Free Trade Improvements in Transportation and Communication Global Changes Trends in Business Globalization Doing Business 24/7 Educated Consumers Aging Workforce Increasing Diversity Self-Directed, Empowered Employees Communication Skills
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Unformatted text preview: • Decision-Making Skills • Teamwork • Leadership • Continual Learning HOMEWORK • THE WORLD’S RICHEST PEOPLE Rank Name Age Worth Country of Residence ($billions) Citizenship 1 William Gates III 49 46.5 United States United States, WA, Medina 2 Warren Buffett 74 44.0 United States United States, NE, Omaha 3 Lakshmi Mittal 54 25.0 India United Kingdom, London 4 Carlos Slim Helu 65 23.8 Mexico Mexico, Mexico City 5 Prince Alwaleed Bin 48 23.7 Saudi Arabia 6 Ingvar Kamprad 78 23.0 Sweden Switzerland, Lausanne 7 Paul Allen 52 21.0 United States United States, WA, Seattle 8 Karl Albrecht 85 18.5 Germany Mülheim an der Ruhr 9 Lawrence Ellison 60 18.4 United States United States, CA, Silicon V. 10 S Robson Walton 61 18.3 United States United States, AR, Bentonville...
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Types of Competition - • Decision-Making Skills •...

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