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study guide 2 - Discuss the role that the science community...

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Discuss the role that the science community and the media have played on environmental issues, such as on climate change, biodiversity conservation and pollution in the United States (with reference to readings such as Oreskes, Michaels, Cox and Hansen). A) How much is scientific consensus knowledge shaping environmental policy responses and what explains the extent to which it has or has not? B) What role is the media playing in advancing public awareness on environmental issues. What are the factors that shape the medias role? C) how successful has the environmental movement been in the US to call attention to different environmental problems? Oreskes and Conway : write about how there has been doubt cast on the validity of scientists’ claims of many environmental problems, and in particular, climate change. The media presents climate change as debatable despite the existence of peer-reviewed scientific evidence supporting climate change. There is also a consensus supporting climate change in the scientific community. This doubt is cast to allow industry to continue with a business-as-usual mentality with unchecked carbon dioxide emissions that lead to global warming as well as other environmental problems such as deforestation, air and water pollution, and toxic chemicals being released into the environment. Oreskes and Conway present how vested interests have downplayed the existence of environmental problems to the public in order to have an unchecked free market. Cox : The media presents a dual view of the environment—both as aesthetic (forests, natural wonders) and as destructive (natural disaster, animal attacks); also as both a problem and a resource. The public needs to demand more accurate, thoughtful, and in-depth news reporting and environmental programming Michaels : doubt is often cast on studies on environmental problems by simply questioning the legitimacy or performing a similar study that is designed to get different results; conclusive evidence is only needed to prove something exists but not to cast doubt. This has been shown in the benzene studies on human health effects Hansen : Discuss the role that renewable energy technologies can play in addressing climate change. A) What is the current contribution of renewable energy technologies to overall energy consumption? B) what specific policy instruments would you advocate and why, to encourage the development and use of renewable energy technologies at the consumer and industry level (renewable and energy conservation)? -Currently our renewable energy is less than 1% With reference to theoretical concepts and examples, discuss the statement: “If every individual becomes more aware of his or her contribution to environmental problems and starts doing his or her part, we could easily solve environmental problems.” Mindfull of lectures and reading materials on private/public goods, free rider problem, treadmill of
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consumption/production etc. (a) to what extent do you consider above statement to be
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study guide 2 - Discuss the role that the science community...

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