Answers_to_MI_text_problems_ch6 - -134 J 6.P.67 (a) 901 J,...

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Answers to selected problems: Chapter 6 6.X.37 1.11 e-14 6.X.38 120 J, 30 J 6.X.39 0.99999985 c, 1.502459 e-10 J 6.X.40 (a) 1.305 e16 J, (b) yes, (c) 21.0 J, (d) C 6.X.41 (a) 5.76 e-10 J, (b) no, (c) 1.48 e-10 J, (d) A 6.X.42 (a) 1470 J, (b) same 6.X.43 81.6 J 6.X.44 658 m/s 6.X.45 zero 6.X.46 (a) + 0.45, 0, 0 , kg m/s (b) -0.081 J 6.X.47 104 J 6.X.48 1230 J 6.X.49 (a) zero, (b) zero, (c) zero 6.X.50 (a) -176 J, (b) decreased, (c) 176 J, (d) increased 6.X.51 (a) 30.9 J, (b) increased, (c) -30.9 J, (d) decreased 6.X.52 particle 2.58 e-9 J, rest 4.59 e-10 J, kinetic 2.12 e-9 J 6.X.53 false, true, false, false, true, true, true 6.P.54 6.96 m/s 6.P.55 9.81 m/s 6.X.56 same K, larger mass has greater p; same p, smaller mass has greater K 6.P.57 (a) -1000 J, (b) zero, (c) perpendicular to boat’s displacement, (d) 1.0 m/s 6.P.58 1 e-13 N 6.P.59 (a) 0.082 J, (b) -0.288 J 6.P.60 6.P.61 (a) final 6.4 e-9 J, speed 0.99999999992 c, (b) 0.000002 s 6.X.62 0.1 J 6.X.63 (a) 780 J, (b) -200 J , (c) 580 J 6.X.64 29.8 m/s 6.P.65 10.2 m/s 6.P.66
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Unformatted text preview: -134 J 6.P.67 (a) 901 J, (b) -200 J, (c) 710 J 6.P.68 66 J 6.P.69 4.5 m/s 6.X.70 0.5 MeV 6.P.71 (a) 6.58 e-13 J, (b) 4.11 MeV 6.P.72 (a) 3.499767 e-8 J, (b) 3.499708 e-8 J, (c) decreased, (d) 3.72 MeV 6.X.73 19.8 m/s 6.X.74 6.28 e7 J 6.X.77 (a) E>D>C>B>A, (b) same as (a), (c) false, false, false, true, true, (d) false, true, false, true, true, (e) A>B>C>D>E 6.X.78 false, true, true, false, false, true; true, true, false, false 6.X.79-2b / x^3, zero 6.X.80 2320 m/s 6.P.81 (a) 4960 m/s, (b) 4860 m/s 6.P.82 (a) 5260 m/s, (b) 4860 m/s 6.P.83 17.3 m/s 6.P.84 25.5 m/s 6.P.86 4.26 e3 m/s 6.P.87 7900 m/s, 6.3 e9 J 6.P.88 4420 m/s 6.P.89 0.99c 6.P.90 (a) 16.6 m/s 6.P.91 4.7 e4 m/s 6.X.92 6.3 m/s 6.X.93 (a) 9.8 J, 6.3 m/s, (b) 19.6 J, 6.3 m/s 6.X.94 (a) 15 m/s, (b) 11.8 m 6.P.95 mgR/2, mgR 6.X.96 2 protons: U = 1.44 e-11 J, U increases; e & p: U = -1.44 e-11 J, U decreases (becomes more negative) 6.X.97 2 electrons: graph (a); e & p: graph (b)...
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Answers_to_MI_text_problems_ch6 - -134 J 6.P.67 (a) 901 J,...

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