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Answers to selected problems: Chapter 4, beginning with section 8 4.X.56 (a) 20N 4.X.57 3N 4.X.58 (a) 8.82N (b) 5.9N 4.X.59 10.2 m 4.23m/s 4.X.60 Fnet=0 4.X.61 (a) and (e) 4.X.62 .1.4s 4.X.63 .71s 4.X.64 .71s 4.X.65 1s 4.X.66 1s 4.X.69 same, sqrt(2), 1/sqrt(2) 4.X.70 at t=0, x=A & v=0; 4.X.72 (a) 1.69 rad/s, (b)0.269 s^-1, (c) 3.72s 4.X.73 -0.105m 4.X.74 B 4.X.75 C 4.X.76
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Unformatted text preview: doubles 4.X.77 (a) sqrt(2), (b) 1/sqrt(2), (c) same, (d) same 4.P.78 2710m/s 4.P.79 1.6s 4.P.81 pi sqrt(R/g) 4.P.82 (a) 1.7s, (b) 0.849s, (c) 0.849s, (d) same as on earth 4.P.83 (a) 1e13 Hz, (b) 3e12 Hz, (c) 7e12 Hz, (d) same 4.P.84 5.2e-4 s 4.P.85 less 4.X.86 Fb/mg ~ 1e-4 4.X.87 20.4m, 19.8m 4.P.88 (a) 4.2 cm, (b) 2830 kg...
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