sprg12_mm_sch - Course Syllabus and Schedule Spring 2012 ECE

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Course Syllabus and Schedule Spring 2012 ECE 3041–Instrumentation and CircuitsLaboratory Instructors T. Brewer Lead Instructor OFFICE: Van Leer E-376 PHONE: 404.894.8206 (o ce); 404.294.4842 (home) E-MAIL: tom.brewer@ece.gatech.edu OFFICE HOURS: M-R afternoons (Schedule posted on o ce door) Michael Laughter Lecturer, Assistant Coordinator, Undergraduate Professional Communication Program, ECE OFFICE: Van Leer C-444 PHONE: 404.894.4894 E-MAIL: michael.laughter@ece.gatech.edu OFFICE HOURS: MW 10-12, TR 1-3 Allen Robinson Academic Professional OFFICE: Van Leer E-388 PHONE: 404.894.0176 (o ce) E-MAIL: robinson@ece.gatech.edu OFFICE HOURS: TBA Text Brewer, An Introduction to Electrical Measurements, 5th. ed. (ISBN: 10:0-7575-3319-1) ( Required) Attendance Policy Mandatory for all laboratory sessions and expected for recitation. Any absence from an exam or laboratory session will result in a grade of zero which may be made-up at the discretion of the instructor. An absence from a pop-quiz will not be made-up and a grade of zero will be assigned. The two laboratory sessions labeled “Writing Assignment” in the schedule are not weeks “o f ”. The f rst hour of these sessions is set aside for a lecture on a relevant technical writing topic, to be delivered in the lab by Michael Laughter. The remainder of these sessions should be spent gathering data and/or experimental results needed speci f cally for the writing assignments. 1
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Grade Policy All letter grades assignments are made by the recitation instructor and are based on the ranking in each individual laboratory session. The course grade point average is a random variable for which  [2 9  3 1] = 0 9 The formula for determining the ranking is as follows:  =0 10(  )+0 15(  )+0 15(  )+0 10( 1) + 0 10( 2) + 0 20(  )+0 20(  ) where CA=Course Average LQ=Laboratory Quizzes HW=Homework LR=Laboratory Reports E1=Lecture Exam 1 (one hour closed book and note written exam) E2=Lecture Exam 2 (one hour closed book and note written exam) WA=Writing Assignments FE=Final Exam (one hour closed book and note comprehensive exam). All assignments are individual assignments; this includes laboratory reports, homework assignments, com- puter simulations, and exams. There are no laboratory partners. Pop-quizzes will count as one homework assignment. All students must participate is all phases of the course. Any student who does not attend the laboratory and perform the experiments or prepare and submit all the writing assignments in a timely manner is unlikely to pass.
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sprg12_mm_sch - Course Syllabus and Schedule Spring 2012 ECE

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