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Economics 120A Spring 2007 Prof. Maria Cândido Final – Version A 1 Economics 120A Final Examination Spring Quarter June 14 th , 2007 Instructions: a. You have 3 hours to finish your final exam. Put your name and student ID number on the cover of the bluebook. b. The Buckley Waiver is pre-printed on the back of your bluebook. If you sign it, you will confirm that your exam may be returned in the filing cabinets, which are open to all students, in the Economics Department. c. There are two parts to this final – multiple-choice questions (Part I) and longer questions (Part II). Answer them all in your bluebook , and please write neatly. d. You do not need to justify your answers for the multiple-choice questions. e. Show your work for the longer questions. f. Use a pen to write your answers. You are giving up your right to a regrade if you choose to use a pencil. g. The table below indicates how points will be allocated on the exam. Use your time carefully and efficiently. h. Make sure your exam has 9 pages. You can find a formula sheet, as well as probability distribution tables, in the last pages of your exam. i. If a numerical answer is , you may leave it like that. You do not have to make it 3.67 j. With you, you should only have a pen, a bluebook and a calculator. k. You will NOT be allowed to leave the room during the final. l. Turn off your cell phone, and your IPod, and good luck! Question Points Part I 24 Part II 1. 10 2. 10 3. 8 4. 12 5. 10 6. 10 7. 8 8. 8 Exam Total 100
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Economics 120A Spring 2007 Prof. Maria Cândido Final – Version A 2 PART I: Multiple-Choice Questions (1.5 points each, 24 points total) 1) As sample size increases, what happens to the population variance ( )? a. It increases. b. It decreases. c. It gets closer to the population mean. d. Nothing. 2) Consider this probability distribution of the number of courses taken by full-time undergraduate students: Number of Courses Probability 3 0.2 4 0.4 5 0.3 6 0.1 The mean of this distribution is _____ and the standard deviation is _______. a. 4.3 courses; 0.81 courses b. 4.3 courses; 0.90 courses c. 4.5 courses; 0.90 courses d. 4.5 courses; 0.81 courses 3) Consider the joint probability table: Age Number of Times Married Adults less than 60 years old Adults more than 60 years old Never (0) 0.17 0.04 Once (1) 0.41 0.21 Twice (2) 0.12 0.01 Three times (3) 0.04 0.00 Amongst adults less than 60 years old, what is the average number of times people have been married? a. 0.77 b. 0.88 c. 1.00 d. 1.04 4) A sample of 99 distances has a mean of 24 feet and a median of 24.5 feet. Unfortunately, it has just been discovered that an observation which was erroneously recorded as “30” actually had a value of “35”. If we make this correction to the data, then: a. the mean remains the same, but the median is increased b. the mean and median remain the same c. the median remains the same, but the mean is increased d. the mean and median are both increased 5) Let W and V be two estimators of the population parameter
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Final_Sp07 - Version A - Economics 120A Spring 2007 Prof....

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