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TAX 4001 Project 2 - Copy (2) - may or may not be entitled...

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TAX 4001 Project 2 Spring 2012 Your assignment is to individually prepare a memorandum to the tax file (see Chapter 2, Figure 2-6, page 2-26 in the 2011 and 2012 Editions of the text for an example) for Research Problem Number 3, chapter 8 (page8-45 in the 2012 Edition – this problem is not printed in earlier editions). Your memorandum should include the Facts, Tax Issue, Analysis and Conclusion. Use the UCF library website to search a database (CCH Internet Tax Research Network, RIA Checkpoint or LexisNexis Academic database can be used). Hint - you will find guidance from the following sources of tax law. These sources should provide you with adequate information to come to a conclusion regarding whether or not Siva
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Unformatted text preview: may or may not be entitled to the tax treatment claimed for the sale of lots on his prior year tax returns. 1. You fill find guidance in §’s 1221 and 1237 2. Once you have located this regulation, search for court cases relevant to this issue using the regulation section above as your keyword. A review of the following case will be helpful: Jesse W. and Betty J. English, 65 TCM 2160, T.C. Memo 1993-111 Your score on this assignment will be determined as follows: Professional Format Clearly Written Identification of Issue Citation of appropriate provisions Citation of appropriate case law Total 2 Points 2 Points 2 Points 2 Points 2 Points 10 Points...
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