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Demography Population Fertility Know how birth, death and infant mortality rates are measured Mortality Migration Sex ratio Population Pyramid Malthusian Theory Demographic Transition Theory Zero Population Growth City, Megacities, Edge Cities, Exurbs Suburbanization Urban Sprawl Gentrification Deviance Stigma Crime Criminologists Victimization Survey Victimless Crimes Social Control Sanctions Anomie Strain theory Types of Crime Differential Association Labeling Theory Primary and Secondary Deviance Criminal Justice System Crime Control Model Rehabilitation Social Stratification Open and Closed Stratification Systems Social Class Wealth Prestige Power Socioeconomic Status (SES) \Conspicuous Consumption Working Poor Underclass Life Chances Absolute Poverty vs Relative Poverty Poverty Line Feminization of Poverty Social Mobility
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Unformatted text preview: Horizontal and Vertical Mobility Intragenerational vs Intergenerational Mobility Davis-Moore Thesis Meritocracy Bourgeoisie vs Proletariat Corporate Welfare Sex vs Gender Gender Identity Gender Roles Gender Stereotypes Sexism Gender Stratification Pay Gap Sexual Harrassment Sexual Identity Sexual Orientation Sexual Script Heterosexism and Homophobia Abortion Pornography Race, Ethnicity and Ethnic Group Dominant vs Minority Group Apartheid Patterns of Dominant-Minority Group Relations Racism, Prejudice, Discrimination Stereotype Ethnocentrism Scapegoats Contact Hypothesis Miscegenation Know how the four perspectives relate to each topic Review videos watched in class (links can be found in note section of power points)...
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