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Michael Granados Intro to theatre 101 3/19/12 The walking stick The Talking Stick One of the many local productions hosted at CSUB that I visited this weekend was a play called “The Talking Stick”. This play was intended for a young audience, such as kids. The cast of the talking stick include: a Tortoise, Monkey, Mouse, King, Nayame, Anansi, Mrs. Hippo, Cat, Elephant, Rat, Lion, and the Hippo. The background and history of the story has come from African culture, and folk tales. The talking stick is a resemblance to honesty. A person whom holds it has complete power over others in a matter of conversation, while others must listen. In relation to this play, the stick acts like more of a guide, from story to story. First, the fortunate trap, The king and the mice, and Anansi and the number nine! In the first story of the play-“The acting Stick”, (the fortunate trap) it starts off with dancing. In African folk tales, dancing was a big deal. It was a tradition. All of the animals would gather around and dance to the songs. The songs would bring greater spirit amongst the animals, and some to believe fame and fortune. The fortunate trap starts off with the cat and the rat. Although people may believe that a cat and rrat would not get along, that was not always the case. There was a time. A time in which they were like best friends. In this story that was the case. The cat and the rat had a good relationship. That was until the flamingo came along. One
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the talking stick - Michael Granados Intro to theatre 101...

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