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Exam 1 Review - POLS 206 American National Government...

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POLS 206 American National Government Review Sheet-Test 1 This is a list of general topics you will need to know in order to do well on the first test. 1) What is government? Government is the institutions and processes through which public policies are made for society Governments typically maintain a national defense, provide services, collect taxes, and preserve order. 2) What is politics? Politics is the process by which we select our governmental leaders and what policies they produce-politics produces authoritative decisions about public issues. 3) What are the formal institutions of the government? 4) What is a public good and what are some examples of public goods? A public good is a good that everyone must share Ex. Clean air, Clean water 5) What is the policy-making process? The process by which policy comes into being and evolves over time People interests, problems, concerns Linkage institutions Parties, elections, media, interest groups Policy Agenda Political issues Policymaking Institutions Legislatures, executive, courts, bureaucracies Policy Expenditures, taxes, laws, regulations, nondecisions People impacts of policies 6) What is public policy? A choice that government makes in response to a political issue. 7) What is federalism? Federalism is a way of organizing a nation so that two or more levels of government have formal authority over the land and people 8) Know the types of federalism -Dual Federalism -Definition: a system of government in which both the states and the national government remain supreme within their own spheres, each responsible for some policies -Like a layer cake -Narrowly interpreted powers of federal government -Ended in the 1930’s -Cooperative Federalism -Definition: a system of government in which powers and policy assignments are shared between states and the national government -Like a marble cake -Shared costs and administration -States follow federal guidelines
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-Fiscal Federalism -Definition: the pattern of spending, taxing, and providing grants in the federal system -The cornerstone of the national government’s relations with state and local governments 9) Know the theories of American national government Pluralist Theory o A theory of government and policies emphasizing that politics is mainly a
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Exam 1 Review - POLS 206 American National Government...

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