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Exam 2 Review - POLS 206 American National Government...

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POLS 206 American National Government Review Sheet-Test 2 This is a list of general topics you will need to know in order to do well on the second test. This test covers chapters 6 through 10 and includes the topics of public opinion, political parties, interest groups, mass media, campaigns and voting behavior. 1) What is public opinion? The distribution of the population’s beliefs about politics and policy issues 2) What is reapportionment? The process of reallocating seats in the House of Representatives every 10 years on the basis of the results of the census 3) What is political ideology? A coherent set of beliefs about politics, public policy, and public purpose, which helps give meaning to political events. 4) What is political socialization? “The process through which an individual acquires [their] particular political orientation”. The lifelong process of acquiring political values. Involves the transmission of values from one generation to another. Five major agents of political socialization are; family, schools, peers, events, experiences and the mass media. 5) What is political culture? An overall set of values widely shared within a society. Ex. How the political system should work 6) What influences the results of public opinion polls? How the question is worded. 7) Know the trends of party identification Since 1970 there has been a rise in independent voters and the decrease in democrats 8) What is the “three-headed political giant”? The Party in the Electorate, The Party Organizations, The Party in Government 9) What is the family’s role in the process of political socialization? It is the most influential agent in shaping individual political attitudes. The family has
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Exam 2 Review - POLS 206 American National Government...

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