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Pols 206 1/27/11 Constitution -A constitution is a nation’s basic law. It creates political institutions, assigns or divides powers in government, and often provides certain guarantees to citizens. --It does not say what you can do simply what the government cannot do to you -Sets the broad rules of the game *-The rules are not neutral; some participants and policy options have advantages over others Origins of the Constitution -The Road to Revolution -Colonists faced tax increases after the French and Indian War -Colonists lacked direct representation in parliament -Colonial leaders formed the Continental Congress to address abuses of the English Crown -Declaring Independence -In May and June 1776, the Continental Congress debated resolutions for independence -The Declaration of Independence, which listed the colonists grievances against the British, was adopted on July 4, 1776 --It was adopted July 4 however many did not sign it until early august -Politically, the Declaration was a polemic, announcing and justifying revolution. -The English Heritage: The Power of Ideas
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