POLS 206 2111

POLS 206 2111...

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POLS 2/1/11 The Agenda in Philadelphia -The Economic Issues -States had tariffs on products from other states -Paper money was basically worthless -Congress couldn’t raise money -Actions Taken -Powers on Congress to be strengthened -Powers of states to be limited --States could no longer print there own money -The Individual Rights Issues -Some were written into the Constitution -Prohibits suspension of writ of habeas corpus -No bills of attainder -No ex post facto laws -Religious qualifications for holding office prohibited -Strict rules of evidence for conviction of treason -Right to trial by jury in criminal cases -Some were not specified -Freedom of speech and expression -Rights of the accused The Madisonian Model -To prevent a tyranny of the majority, Madison proposed a government of -Limiting Majority Control -Separating Powers -Creating Checks and Balances -Establishing a Federal System -Figure 2.2 -Figure 2.3 -The Constitutional Republic -Republic: A form of government in which the people select representatives to
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POLS 206 2111...

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