POLS 206 2811

POLS 206 2811...

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POLS 206 2/8/11 Understanding Federalism -Advantages for Democracy -Increases access to government -Local problems can be solved -Hard for political parties or interest groups to dominate all politics -Disadvantages for Democracy -States have different levels of service -Local interest can counteract national interests -Too many levels of government and too much money -Federalism and the Scope of Government -What should the scope of national government be relative to the states? -National power increased with industrialization, expansion of individual rights, and social services -Most problems require resources afforded to the national, not state governments. Summary -American federalism is a governmental system in which power is shared between a central government and the 50 state governments -The U.S. has moved from dual to cooperative federalism; fiscal federalism -Federalism leads to both advantages and disadvantages to democracy.
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POLS 206 2811...

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