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POLS 2/24/11 The Development of Media Politics -From Broadcasting to Narrowcasting: The Rise of Cable News Channels -Narrowcasting: media programming on cable TV or Internet that is focused on one topic and aimed at a particular audience, e.g., C-SPAN -Potential of cable to report on news as it happens and offer myriad choices -Yet, resources are limited and stories are not substantive -The Impact of the Internet -Potential to inform Americans about politics -Internet is purposive-people choose what to learn about -Since Americans are generally disinterested in politics, they will not necessarily use the Internet for political information -Blogs provide additional information about news stories -Private Control of the Media -Only a small number of TV stations are publicly owned in America -Independent in what they can report, media are totally dependent on advertising revenues -Chains: massive media conglomerates that account for over four-fifths of the nation’s daily newspaper circulation
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