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POLS 206 3111...

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POLS 206 3/1/11 The Meaning of Party -Parties, Voters, and Policy: The Downs Model -Rational-choice theory -Assumes that individuals act in their own best interest, weighing the costs and benefits of possible alternatives -Downs Model -Voters maximize chances that policies they favor are adopted by government -Parties want to win elected office *-Parties select policies that are widely favored -Figure 8.1 The Party in the Electorate -Party image -A voter’s perception of what Republicans or Democrats stand for -Party identification -A citizen’s self-proclaimed preference for one party of the other -Republican, Democrat, or Independent -Ticket-splitting -Voting with one party for one office and with another party for other offices -Independents are most likely to split tickets -No state or race is completely safe due to split tickets *-Figure 8.2 *-Since 1970 there has been a rise in independent voters and the decrease in democrats The Party Organizations: From the Grass Roots to Washington -These are the people that work for the party
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POLS 206 3111...

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