POLS 206 3311

POLS 206 3311...

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POLS 206 3/3/11 Party Eras in American History -1860-1928: The Two Republican Eras *-Republicans rose as the antislavery party -- 1854 -1896 election centered on industrialization -1932-1964: The New Deal Coalition -New Deal coalition: forged by the Democrats; consisted of urban working class, ethnic groups, Catholics, Jews, the poor, Southerners -1968-Present: The Era of Divided Party Government -Divided government: one party controls Congress and the other controls White House -Divided government due in part to: -Party dealignment: disengagement of people from parties as evidenced by shrinking party identification -Party neutrality: people are indifferent towards the two parties Third Parties: Their Impact on American Politics -Third parties: electoral contenders other than the two major parties; rarely win elections -Third parties are important -Are “safety valves” for popular discontent -Bring new groups and ideas into politics -Two-party system -Discourages extreme views -Contributes to political ambiguity
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POLS 206 3311...

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