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POLS 206 32211

POLS 206...

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POLS 206 3/22/11 Chapter 11 Congress The Representatives and Senators *All -The Job -Salary of $169,300 with retirement benefits -Office space in D.C. and at home with staff -Travel allowances and franking privileges -Requires long hours, a lot of time away from family, and pressure from others to support their policies *Power – the biggest attraction to the job Congressional Elections -The Advantages of Incumbents -Advertising: -The goal is to be visible to your constituents -Frequent trips home, use of newsletter, and technology -Credit Claiming: -Service to constituents through: -Casework: specifically helping constituents get what they think they have a right to -Pork Barrel: federal projects, grants, etc. made available in a congressional district or state -Position Taking: -Portray themselves as hard working, dedicated individuals -Occasionally take partisan stand on an issue -Weak Opponents: -Inexperienced in politics, unorganized, and underfunded -Campaign Spending: -Challengers need to raise large sums to defeat an incumbent
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POLS 206...

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