POLS 206 32411

POLS 206 32411 - Pols 206

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Pols 206 3/24/11 How Congress is Organized to Make Policy -Committees and Subcommittees *-Standing committees: subject matter committees that handle bills in different policy areas *--By far most important *-Joint committees: a few subject-matter areas-membership drawn from House and Senate *-Conference committees: resolve differences in House and Senate bills *-Select committees: created for a specific purpose, such as the Watergate investigation -The Committees at Work: Legislation and Oversight -Legislation -Committees work on the 11,000 bills every session -Some hold hearings and “mark up” meetings -Legislative oversight -Monitoring of the bureaucracy and its administration of policy through committee hearings -As publicity value of receiving credit for controlling spending has increase, so too has oversight grown -Oversight usually takes place after a catastrophe -Getting on a Committee -Members want committee assignments that will help them get reelected, gain
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POLS 206 32411 - Pols 206

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