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POLS 206 3/31/11 Presidential Powers -The Expansion of Power -Presidents may develop new roles for and expand power of the office -Perspectives on Presidential Power -During the 1950’s and 1960’s people favored a powerful president -By the 1970’s, presidential power was checked and distrusted by the public Running the Government: The Chief Executive -As Chief Executive, the president presides over the administration of government -Constitution: “take care that the laws be faithfully executed” -Today, federal bureaucracy spends $2.5 trillion a year and numbers more than 4 million employees -Presidents appoint 500 high-level positions and 2,500 lesser jobs -The Vice President -Basically just “waits” for things to do -Power has grown over time, as recent presidents have given their VPs important jobs -The Cabinet -Presidential advisors, not in Constitution -Made up of 14 cabinet secretaries and one Attorney General, confirmed by the Senate -Table 12.3 -The Executive Office of the President
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