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POLS 206 4/21/11 The Budgetary Process -Budgetary Politics -Stakes and Strategies -All political actors have a stake in the budget -Try and tie their budget needs to national or political needs -The Players -Lots of players, with the president and Congress playing important roles -Almost all committees are involved in the budget *-Senate Finance Committee & House Ways and Means Committee – write the tax codes here in the U.S. -The President’s Budget -Presidents originally played a limited role in the budget -Now budget requests are directed through the OMB and president before going to Congress -The budget process is time consuming – starting nearly a year in advance -The OMB, the president, and the agencies negotiate budget requests -Table 14.2 -Congress and the Budget -Reforming the Process -The Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974: an act designed to reform the congressional budgetary process -It established the following: -Fixed budget calendar
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