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POLS 206 4/26/11 Chapter 16 Social Welfare Policymaking Why is Social Policy and Why is it so Controversial? -Social welfare policies provide benefits to individuals, through: -Entitlement programs: government benefits that certain qualified individuals are entitled to by law, regardless of need -Means-tested programs: government programs only available to individuals below a poverty line Income, Poverty, and Public Policy -Who’s getting what? -Income distribution: the “shares” of the national income earned by various groups -Income: amount of funds collected between any two points in time -Wealth: value of assets already owned -One-third of America’s wealth is held by one percent of the population -What Part Does Government Play? -Taxation -Progressive tax: people with higher incomes pay a greater share -Proportional tax: all people pay the same share of their income -Regressive tax: burden falls relatively more heavily on low-income groups – opposite of a progressive tax *--Regressive taxation occurs in states that have a sales tax
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