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POLS 206 4/28/11 Instrument, Actors, and Policymakers -The Policymakers -The President -The Diplomats -Secretary of State -The National Security Establishment -Secretary of Defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff, NSC, CIA – formed after WWII to advise the president and gather intelligence -Congress American Foreign Policy: An Overview -Isolationism: -Foreign policy where the U.S. tries to stay out of other nation’s conflict, particularly in Europe -Monroe Doctrine: -U.S. official statement of isolationism -World War I (1914-1918): -Basically end the policy of isolationism -The Cold War -Containment abroad and Anti-Communism at Home -Containment doctrine: foreign policy strategy that called for the United States to isolate the Soviet Union, contain its advances, and resist its encroachments by peace or force -McCarthyism: the fear, prevalent in the 1950’s, that international communism was conspiratorial, insidious, bent on world domination, and
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POLS 206...

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