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Assessment Score Correctly Answered: 9.00 out of a possible 10.00 (90.0%) Assessment Time: 12 minutes Question 1: Would the Earth’s albedo be higher or lower in the Southern Hemisphere compared the Northern Hemisphere? Type: Multiple Choice Your answer(s): •lower because of greater water coverage in the Southern Hemisphere Question 2: Why does it take such a long time for glaciers to melt? Type: Multiple Choice Your answer(s): •because they reflect most of the incoming heat from the sun Question 3: Which would be a bet er reflector of incident radiation, a blacktop driveway or a concrete driveway? Type: Multiple Choice Your answer(s): •nonstained or normal concrete Question 4: We know that the amount of incoming radiation hit ing a surface on the earth varies with latitude and season. We also know that the dif erent materials reflect dif erent amounts of incoming radiation. Would the earth’s albedo be higher in the Southern Hemisphere or the Northern Hemisphere?
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