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Assessment Score Correctly Answered: 8.00 out of a possible 10.00 (80.0%) Assessment Time: 5 minutes Question 1: You are given a sample of cold, brackish Antarctic Intermediate Water. Compared to an average open ocean water sample, what is the relative density? Type: Multiple Choice Your answer(s): •high Question 2: The simple relationship we have observed using the internal wave tank is: Type: Multiple Choice Your answer(s): •If water mass A is more dense than B, then A will sink below B when they are combined, while both maintain their physical properties (salinity). Question 3: In order to determine salinity by the temperature of the sample, what other parameter do we need to know and what method did we use to obtain it? Type: Multiple Choice Your answer(s): •density of water, hydrometer method Question 4: In the Salinity lab we related salinity to density using the internal wave tank. According to the layering of solutions in the tank, we know: Type: Multiple Choice Your answer(s): •That as Salinity increases, Density increases.
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