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Unformatted text preview: Assessment: 6.2 Post-Lab Sal/Den Pt II Assessment Score Correctly Answered: 9.00 out of a possible 10.00 (90.0%) Assessment Time: 5 minutes Question 1: Would you be able to skate on a saltwater bay at 0 o C? Type: Multiple Choice Your answer(s): •No, freezing would not occur in the bay at this temperature. Question 2: The freezing point of the left over brine from exercise 3 should be _________ than the water we started with. Type: Multiple Choice Your answer(s): •Lower Question 3: Which choice would best explain why the measured versus theoretical temperatures in Exercise 3 would not be equal? Type: Multiple Choice Your answer(s): •The sides of the flask are in contact with the dry ice. Since dry ice temperature is much lower than the temperature of the water in the flask, ice would form on the sides first, even though the temperature of the remaining flask water is above 0°C. Question 4: In order to determine salinity by the temperature of the sample, what other parameter do we need to know and what method did we use to...
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