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CEEN 641 – ADVANCED SOIL MECHANICS HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT #2 1. A soil sample was found to have the following properties: Volume = 0.01456 m 3 Mass = 25.74 kg as sampled, 22.10 kg after oven drying Specific gravity of solids = 2.69 Determine the (a) dry unit weight, (b) moist unit weight, (c) void ratio, (d) porosity, (e) degree of saturation, and (f) moisture content for the soil. Also, indicate the (g) dry density and (h) moist mass density for the soil. 2. For the soil sample in the previous problem, determine the (a) unit weight and (b)
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Unformatted text preview: moisture content for the soil if the sample were to become saturated (provided that no volume change occurs during wetting). 3. A saturated soil sample has a moisture content of 35% and a specific gravity of solids of 2.65. Determine the dry and saturated unit weights. 4. Derive a formula for void ratio expressed in terms of dry unit weight, unit weight of water, moisture content, and degree of saturation....
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