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CEEN 641 – ADVANCED SOIL MECHANICS HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT #6 1. Derive a general expression for the at-rest earth pressure coefficient, K o , in terms of poisson’s ratio, ν . (Hint: consider what at-rest implies with respect to strain in three- dimensional space; assume isotropic material). 2. A cylindrical sample of soil 50 mm in diameter and 100 mm long is subjected to an axial effective principal stress of 900 kPa and a radial effective principal stress of 300 kPa. The axial and radial displacements are 0.9 mm and -0.04 mm, respectively (a negative sign indicating expansion). Assuming that the soil behaves isotropically and elastically, determine: a. The mean and deviatoric stresses. b. The volumetric and shear strains. c. The bulk modulus of the soil. d. The shear modulus of the soil. e. The elastic modulus of the soil. (Hint: you may need to reduce 3-dimensional equations into axisymmetric ones). 3.
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