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Homework_07 - Use contour intervals of 0.1 and label the...

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CEEN 641 – ADVANCED SOIL MECHANICS HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT #7 1. Given a vertical line load of 3,000 lb/ft applied at the surface of an elastic half-space and coincident with the y-axis, plot the variation of σ z , σ x , and τ xz versus the transverse distance of x, from -20 to +20 feet, at a depth of z equal to 8 feet. 2. Develop a contour plot of the influence factors for τ xz for a strip load of width ‘B’ situated at the surface of an elastic half-space. The longitudinal axis of the loading should coincide with the y-axis as shown in the class notes for elastic stress distributions. Your plot should extend along the x- and z-axes from zero at the center of the loading to at least 2.5 times the width of the loading (i.e., 5 times the half-width). Clearly show the location and dimensions of the loading on the plot. Distances and depths should be expressed in terms of the full-width, ‘B’ and the axes should be clearly labeled as such.
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Unformatted text preview: Use contour intervals of 0.1 and label the contours. Provide hand calculations for a point located at distance and depth of approximately 0.75B from the center of the strip load. To assist you with this problem, an Excel spreadsheet template has been prepared with a chart that has been manipulated to show approximate contours for regularly spaced data. You will need to link/paste your values into the template. (FYI, the values currently shown are for the vertical stress). The chart may need to be stretched so that the elements are square on your printout. When using the template, data in the x- and z-directions should be equally spaced, with increasing values of x placed from left to right in columns and increasing values of z (i.e., depth) placed from top to bottom in rows. Contour intervals can be changed by formatting/editing the legend....
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  • strip load, Advanced Soil Mechanics, elastic half-space, vertical line load, elastic stress distributions

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