Homework_10 - measurements(CUPP are conducted on samples of...

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CEEN 641 – ADVANCED SOIL MECHANICS HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT #10 1. The results of a consolidated-undrained triaxial shear test ( σ 3 = 392 kPa) are shown below. Axial Strain (%) Δσ d (kPa) Δ u (kPa) 0 0 0 0.5 156 99 0.75 196 120 1 226 132 1.3 235 147 2 250 161 3 245 170 4 240 173 4.5 235 175 Assuming zero cohesion (perhaps a presumptuous assumption), determine: a. φ CU (you may approximate the true envelope [failure plane at 45+ φ '/2] using the slightly unconservative tangent envelope) [failure plane at 45+ φ /2])) b. φ ' c. The value of Ā as a function of strain (provide a plot) d. Whether the soil is normally consolidated or overconsolidated based on Ā f . 2. The results of three unconsolidated-undrained (UU) traxial shear tests are shown below. Determine the shear strength parameters φ and c. σ c (psi) ε a (%) σ df (psi) 6.00 12.3 13.40 12.00 6.1 13.49 18.00 7.2 13.48 3. Two isotropically consolidated-undrained triaxial shear tests with pore pressure
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Unformatted text preview: measurements (CUPP) are conducted on samples of remolded clay. The consolidation pressures are 1440 and 2880 psf. Using the axial strain, deviator, and pore pressure data in the attached spreadsheet file, determine the following for each test: a. The maximum principal stress difference (i.e., peak deviator stress) b. The maximum principal effective stress ratio ( σ 1 ’/ σ 3 ’) [also referred to as maximum obliquity] c. The maximum shear stress ( τ max ) [note that this is not the shear stress on the failure plane ( τ ff )] Also, using Mohr’s circles in σ-τ space (not p-q space), graphically determine Mohr-Coulomb shear strength parameters in terms of both total and effective stresses. (Note that this will require that the two axes be plotted to the same scale). Discuss how the results from Parts a and b contribute to your answer....
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Homework_10 - measurements(CUPP are conducted on samples of...

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