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CEEN 641 – ADVANCED SOIL MECHANICS HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT #14 1. Three ACU-bar tests were performed on a clay soil which will be used for a dam. The K c ratio for each test was 2.0. The initial horizontal confining pressure during consolidation ( σ 3c ), the maximum deviator stress during shear failure ( σ 1 - σ 3 ) f , and the excess pore pressure at failure ( Δ u f ) for each test are shown below: σ 3c (psi) ( σ 1 - σ 3 ) f (psi) Δ u f (psi) 7.0 40.3 -5.6 21.0 57.3 +3.1 35.0 74.6 +11.7 From this data, develop the following: a. The Mohr-Coulomb shear strength envelope based on total stress (draw Mohr’s circles and clearly identify values of c and φ CU ). b. The Mohr-Coulomb shear strength envelope based on effective stress (draw Mohr’s
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Unformatted text preview: circles and clearly identify values of c’ and ’ ). c. The τ ff versus σ ' fc shear strength envelope. (clearly identify values for the slope angle, ψ , and the shear stress intercept, d ). Your plots must be made on grid paper. Your calculations must clearly show what the principal stresses are for each Mohr’s circle. 2. A sample of clayey soil has the following properties: Natural moisture content = 36%; Plastic limit = 27; Liquid limit = 44; Fines content = 95%; and Clay faction = 33%. Provide estimates of the peak, softened, and residual drained friction angles. Cite the source(s) of the information you used in developing your estimates....
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