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Homework_19 - under both normally consolidated and...

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CEEN 641 – ADVANCED SOIL MECHANICS HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT #19 1. The results of some drained triaxial tests performed on specimens of a saturated clay are shown below. Specimens were isotropically consolidated under a chamber pressure of σ c and then tested with a confining chamber pressure of σ 3 . Failure of each specimen was achieved by increasing the axial stress while the radial stress was kept constant. Test # σ c (kPa) σ 3f (kPa) Δσ df (kPa) Moisture content at failure (%) 1 105 105 154 24.2 2 120 120 176 22.1 3 162 162 237 18.1 4 250 35 109 24.2 5 250 61 137 22.1 6 250 130 216 18.1 Do the following: A. Determine the friction angle and cohesion from standard failure envelopes for the soil
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Unformatted text preview: under both normally consolidated and overconsolidated states of stress. B. Determine Hvorslev’s parameters φ e and c e at moisture contents of 24.2, 22.1, and 18.1%. C. Determine the true friction angle for the soil. D. Determine the proportionality constant K for the soil. (note that the resulting value will be atypical). E. Explain why I have not asked you to determine the true cohesion for the soil as I did for the true friction angle in Part C. (Your explanation should include reference to Part D)....
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