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CEEN 641 – ADVANCED SOIL MECHANICS HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT #20 1. The following data were obtained from a consolidation test on clay: Stress (p’), kPa Void Ratio 25 1.65 50 1.64 100 1.63 200 1.61 400 1.57 800 1.51 1600 1.44 800 1.45 400 1.46 200 1.47 Determine λ and κ (in terms of natural log rather than base 10 log). 2. The water content of a saturated soil specimen is 85% at a mean effective stress of 10 kPa. The specimen is the isotropically consolidated to a mean effective stress of 150 kPa, at which point the water content is 50%. The sample is the isotropically unloaded to a mean effective stress of 100 kPa and the water content increases by 1%. Assuming φ cs = 25 ° and G s = 2.70, draw the following in (q - p’), (e – p’), and (e – ln p’) spaces as appropriate (with all spaces
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Unformatted text preview: drawn on the same page and similar axes aligned so that changes in e or p can be tracked in multiple graphs at the same time [see class notes for one possible arrangement]): A. The normal consolidation line and the unloading/reloading line B. The initial yield surface and critical state line for both compressional and extensional loading cases. (be certain to clearly identify values of M c and M e ) 3. For the conditions described in the previous problem, determine: A. The failure stresses for a consolidated, undrained (CU) triaxial compression test B. The failure stresses for a consolidated, drained (CD) triaxial compression test Also draw the effective stress paths for both tests....
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