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Homework_22 - based on this particular failure...

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CEEN 641 – ADVANCED SOIL MECHANICS HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT #22 1. Consider the abutment wall and backfill described in the Previous Homework Assignment with a log-spiral shaped failure surface. As shown in the figure below, the origin or center of the log-spiral (point O) is located 3.27 feet horizontally in front of and 1.53 feet vertically above the wall (point A). The log-spiral is defined by a starting radius of 7.75 ft extending to the base of the wall and a rotation angle of 40.0 degrees between the starting radius line (line OB) and the radius line defining the end of the Prandtl zone and beginning of the Rankine zone (line OAC). Using Terzaghi’s method, determine the passive earth pressure coefficient
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Unformatted text preview: based on this particular failure surface. (Aren’t you glad that the problem was not to iterate and find the critical failure surface?) 2. Assuming that the previously described failure surface is the critical surface and referring to your answer to Problem 1, Part D of the Previous Homework Assignment, comment on how excessive the Coulomb-based earth pressure coefficient is in this particular case. Also, determine the interface friction angle that would be needed in Coulomb’s method to produce a result consistent with Terzaghi’s log-spiral-based method; express your answer in terms of the ratio δ / φ....
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