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Homework_24 - methodology(If you can’t relate the...

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CEEN 641 – ADVANCED SOIL MECHANICS HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT #24 1. Perform a rapid drawdown analysis for the submerged, infinite slope described in the example problem beginning on page 157 of Duncan and Wright (2005) with the following changes: Let φ ’ (the slope angle of the K c = K f line) equal 38 ° instead of 40 ° Let c’ (the zero-intercept of the K c = K f line) remain the same as 0 psf Let ψ (the slope angle of the K c = K 1 line) equal 22 ° instead of 20 ° Let d (the zero-intercept of the K c = K 1 line) equal 1800 psf instead of 2000 psf Let β (the slope angle) remain the same as 3H:1V Perform your analysis at depths of 8 and 32 ft instead of 5 and 30 ft. Clearly indicate which strengths control the stability of the slope for the two depths analyzed. Clearly show the associated critical factors of safety. Also, draw the τ ff versus σ fc shear strength envelopes and use them to illustrate your solution
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Unformatted text preview: methodology. (If you can’t relate the envelopes to your calculations, you probably don’t understand the problem). 2. Be prepared during the second class period to present and discuss your results with members of the class. You are encouraged to work together in groups of two or three students for this assignment. During this class period, the instructor will reintroduce the problem, and groups of students will be asked to present and discuss selected portions of their solution. We will only be using overhead slides and/or the white board, so do not prepare a powerpoint presentation. I am seeking to help students better understand the “what,” “why,” and “how” reflected in the steps of the analysis, as well as to assess their current degree of mastery....
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