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Homework_25 - (In your calculations you may ignore the fact...

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CEEN 641 – ADVANCED SOIL MECHANICS HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT #25 1. Complete tutorial lesson 1 for the finite element analysis program PLAXIS, and do the following: A. Report the load (with units of kN and not kN/rad or kPa) needed to produce a settlement of 0.1 m for both Cases A and B. (For case B, base your result on centerline). B. Explain how the approach used in Case A corresponds to a rigid foundation when no foundation is explicitly defined. C. Discuss the relative merits of the different approaches reflected in Cases A and B for determining the load-displacement response of a foundation. D. Estimate what the load-displacement response (i.e., curve) would look like based on a closed-form elastic stress-strain equation assuming a constant elastic modulus equal to 13,000 kPa. Plot this “curve” relative to the load-displacement curve for Case B (with load in kN as the ordinate and displacement at the centerline in m as the abscissa) and discuss multiple reasons for both any similarities and any differences.
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Unformatted text preview: (In your calculations, you may ignore the fact that soil profile is finite as long as you identify and discuss its effect). 2. Complete tutorial lesson 2 for the finite element analysis program PLAXIS, and do the following: A. Submit plots showing: a. The deformed mesh and geometry from the output file. b. A plot of total incremental displacements. c. The bending moment along the diaphragm wall B. Explain the meaning/importance of the total incremental displacement plot. C. Explain the role/function of the strength reduction/interface parameter, R inter . D. Explain why this problem/analysis would be deficient in describing an excavation in which the excavation was kept empty of water in the long term. E. The strength/force of the strut/anchor was specified in the model as being 1e15 kN. If the struts are spaced at 5 m along the length of the excavation, what is the nominal capacity of a single strut?...
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