Chapter 09-Television

If you dont watch television watch some what did you

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Unformatted text preview: seholds Television Terms • • • • • • • • Network Affiliate PBS Ratings - Nielsen Share Sweeps Weeks Programming Primetime Television Advertising • Network • Participation • Spot • Local • Sponsorship • PSA Journal Entries • Track your television viewing for one week. (If you don’t watch television, WATCH SOME!!) What did you learn about yourself? What did you learn about television? What does television provide you (fulfillment of a need -- See Chapter 15)? • Critiques argue that in trying to “offend no one,” the networks tend to offer TV programs that appeal to the “lowest common-denominator.” Do you agree? Can you name programs that are definitely for the LCD? Can you think of any network (NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, CW) programs that defy the LCD label? Explain. • Many people would say that television has had a greater impact on society than any other form of media. Do you agree? Why or why not? Presentation Process • Choose Group members: 4 per gro...
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