Chapter 09-Television

Media ownership and conglomeration rules are changing

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Unformatted text preview: up (3.9) • Choose 3 topics as quickly as possible (1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice) • List Group Members on a clean sheet of paper • Send one person from your group to the front • Tell the topic to Bro. Payton and TA • We will tell you which side you will present Be Persuasive! Presentation Topics Freedom of Speech-At What Cost? Media Ownership and Conglomeration Rules are changing, Is Conglomeration positive? Is Negative Campaigning Bad for the American Political Process? Is Public Relations Valuable to Society? Is Television Harmful for Children? What can be done? Do the mass media perpetuate ethnic and racial stereotypes? The Ethics of Photographs Are the News Media Liberal? Is Advertising Ethical? Is Downloading Helping or Hurting the Music Industry? Be Persuasive! Presentation Rules • • • • Research well! Use at least 5 sources not on the outline. Dress decently! Speak up! Look at the audience! • • You must present your assigned side You should consider using a visual medium (PowerPoint, Prezi, Video, etc.) to reinforce message, not to deliver your message! Do not rely on your Visual Medium (redundant to the point above) Everyone must speak 10 minutes: at 11 minutes grace, at 12 minutes you lose 3 points per minute of overtime 2 Page typed • • • • – – – – Title of Presentation Outline of presentation Names of participants References Be Persuasive!...
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