Chapter 09-Television

Garden hose and niagara falls fcc member nicholas

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Unformatted text preview: e stations FOX WB & UPN VCR New media technology Poor programming Cable Television “The difference between ordinary television and cable television is the difference between a garden hose and Niagara Falls.” FCC Member Nicholas Jackson Cable Television • Not really new • Most companies offer special program channels (CNN, ESPN, TBS, etc.) • Premium channels (HBO, Showtime, etc.) • HBO was the first Satellite Cable Network in 1975 1993 they had over 17 million subscribers by Cable Television • Why cable television - Consumer Reports Study – – – – – 61% more movies 49% want out of town channels 44% likes picture quality 41% more news 38% more sports Cable Television • What has cable done to the entertainment industry - Subscribers said – 60 million households served – 44% said they attend fewer movies – 26% said they have cut back on their reading – 30% drop in Network viewing Premium & Pay-Per-View • Front-line cable “Events” • $4 to $5 for movies not yet on video • Live sports and music events $20 - $75 Satellites • DBS - Direct Broadcast Satellite and HSD - Home Satellite Dish – Direct TV – Dish Network – Growth of 760% in 1994 and 216% in 1995 – By 2006 - in 60% of US hou...
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