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Test 2 Fall 2010 - Importance of The Great Train Robbery...

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Old sitcoms, Cameras, angles, taboos I Love Lucy Excerpt from Kieth Merrill Ancillary markets to movies Studio responses to movie piracy “Suspension of reality” or “suspension of disbelief” Details surrounding the Watergate Newspaper ownership, conglomeration, convergence, trends in ownership, current trends in dissemination of news, websites, blogs, etc. Influential newspapers, hierarchy in importance, NYTimes, LA Times, Washington Post, USA Today, The Christian Science Monitor Important tenets of the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967 Kinetoscope Prevalence and limitation of The Internet Mediated communication “spiders”, bots, crawlers Trends in the development of digital storage Photography, still images, functions in media, main players, Matthew Brady, Camera Obscura
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Unformatted text preview: Importance of The Great Train Robbery block booking, star system Birth of a Nation Edwin Armstrong D.W. Griffith HUAC, blacklists of the 1940s and The Hays Office and censorship Movie Ratings Indian film industry Differences between todays digital media and traditional media Importance of communication satellites Viral Marketing, Spam. Journalism and politics Libertarian theory Social responsibility theory Ramifications of negative political advertising Online communication and political candidates Dr. Alf Pratte Jrgen Habermas Parnell Thomas Edward R. Murrow Storage technology Opinion polls, Push polls, ways to attract attention in campaigns Four Theories of the international press...
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