exam _2 rework

exam _2 rework - less than 0.01 to a unit ramp input You...

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ME 431 Exam #2 Rework Due Thursday, December 9th in the box outside the ME office Name: Instructions: If you would like to receive additional credit on the exam, you are to rework from scratch problem 2. If you work the problems correctly, you will receive 40% of the points back that you originally missed. Please fill out the original score and points missed columns of the table below so that the grader can easily compute your new grade. Problem No. Total Pt. Orig. Score Points Missed Points Earned Points Earned Mult. by 0.40 New Score 1 25 2 35 TOTAL 60 Please submit: 1) The coversheet from your original exam (copy or original). 2) This sheet with the table completed as instructed above. 3) Your re-work of problem 2.
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Problem 2: (35 points) You are to use frequency-domain techniques to design a dynamic compensator D ( s ) for the following system: actuator Σ D ( s ) 1 ) 60 ( 50 + s s (a) Your closed-loop system is to have a rise time of less than 0.05 sec and less than 5% overshoot to a step input. In addition the system should have a steady-state error of
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Unformatted text preview: less than 0.01 to a unit ramp input. You may assume that the crossover frequency is related to the rise time by the following expression: ϖ c ≈ 1.8 t r . The actuator for this system can be modeled as a unit gain up to 8 Hz (50 rad/sec). At frequencies above 8 Hz, the actuator performs poorly and therefore the closed loop bandwidth of the system (and thus the crossover frequency) must be kept below 8 Hz. Calculate the ranges of acceptable crossover frequency, phase margin, and compensator DC gain, D (0), to ensure that the performance criteria are met. crossover frequency range: phase margin: compensator DC gain: (b) Design a compensator D ( s ) to ensure that all of the performance criteria are met. Submit magnitude and phase plots to support you design choices. D ( s ) = (c) Plot the closed-loop step response of the system demonstrating your success in meeting the rise time and percent overshoot criteria....
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exam _2 rework - less than 0.01 to a unit ramp input You...

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