Chapter 5A

Chapter 5a

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Unformatted text preview: Image and Mirror Image University of California 2 University of California 3 University of California 4 University of California 5 University of California 6 University of California 7 A New Type of Stereoisomerism Recall: a. Constitutional isomers (butane, 2-methylpropane) b. Stereoisomers (cis-trans cycloalkanes) c. Image-mirror image stereoisomers Remember the bromination of butane: We thought these were identical! The two 2-bromobutanes are not identical (superimposable): They are image and mirror image. The two isomers are called enantiomers. Molecules that lack reflection symmetry are chiral. 50:50 Mix of enantiomers : Racemic mix or racemate Most organic molecules owe their chirality to the presence of a stereocenter, usually a carbon with 4 different substituents: Asymmetric carbon. *C Stereocenter If ima...
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