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Green Midterm Answers

Green Midterm Answers - nil|(A P ts Fo rH GA,t*rp 4*td 4 tq...

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nil| (A P ts Fo( rH+ GA,t*rp 4*td 4 tq t Fx4llll RtY cHEMtsrRy 140A NAME (please print) MIDTERM EXAM NOV 2, 2010 GREEN EXAM v&sdhed(Cp1-5) FIRST LAST SIGNATURE ID NUMBER LAST NAME OF PERSON SEATED TO YOUR RIGIIT: LAST NAME OF PERSON SEATED TO YOUR LEFT: DO NOT OPENTHE EXAM UNTIL YOU ARE TOLD TO DO SO. Please sign your name on the top of pages 1 through 6. Please check that you have 7 pages (including this one; page 7 is blank for your scratch work). - Answer only in the space provided. Do notwrite answers on the back of a page. Question Points Score Total 200 Sc Y La Cr Mo W Mn Fe Tc Ru Re Os Zn cd Hg He FNe Cl Ar Br Kr IXe At Rn 80 45 75 l. 2. 3. BCNO AISiP S Ga Ge As Se In Sn Sb Te TI Pb Bi Po Co Ni Cu Rh Pd Ag Ir Pt Au TiV Zr Nb Hf Ta H Li Be Na Mg KCa Rb Sr Cs Ba
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NAME: (12 pts) Draw a single Lewis structure for each of the following molecules. Be sure that the structures you draw correspond to the majorresonance contributor. Use lines for covalent bonds and show all nonbonding valence shell electrons and formal charges. You need not show a 3-D structure. (b) [cHrcHCD2]Li (a) N'CH, @,H (v=, "(rf 1b. (12 pts) Draw a resonance structure for each of the moleculesin part 2a. You need not show 3-D structures. ,f ^:'4; ahdirc DI 4 IJD' aAQLP 1 a.(a ou + ca I ba ,t 1d.
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