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Product Analysis Pen

Product Analysis Pen - when pressure is applied to it...

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Product Name: The Golden Pen Company Name: Mona Shen 1. Purpose The primary function of a pen is to be an instrument for writing or drawing, usually on paper. 2. Sketch (attached) 3. How product Operates The first step in using this product would be to take off the cap. It slides and clicks onto the body of the pen, taking up about 3/5 of the pen’s surface area. Although the outer shell of the pen has the same diameter as the end of the lid, the pen body’s diameter decreases to a sharp point. There is a ridge by the tip of the pen, which causes the “clicking” ability with the lid. Surrounding the pen’s tip are 3 shells: gold, silver and black. Inside the back of the black shell there is a coiled spring. When the pen’s tip with the ink tube is placed against the spring by the silver and gold shells, the tip is secured into place. It will not move or wiggle around
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Unformatted text preview: when pressure is applied to it. Inside the slim cylindrical shell containing the pen’s tip is probably a tube of black ink, which secretes out through a very small opening on the tip. The hole is small enough to not leak ink when the tip is not in contact with a surface. 4. Inputs Product Function Output Paper Surface for ink to make contact with Writing/drawing Ink Liquid used to make mark Black writing/drawing Hand Apply force to direct ink writing/drawing 5. Visible Mechanical Components • Spring • Cap • Outer black shell • Inner silver and gold shell • Silver and black shell containing ink and pen’s tip 6. Hidden mechanical components • Ink • Inner plastic cylinder within cap • Inside of back end of black shell (opposite of cap)...
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