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Mona Shen 4B Due October 19 th , 2010 Current Event Title of article: Will Online Voting Turn Into an Election Day Debacle?” Date of article: October 15th, 2010 Source: Summary This article, written by Alex Waltman, weighs in on the pros and cons of online voting. The article began with underlining a defect in the online voting system: hacking. The Board of Elections and Ethics ran a trial run of the system, and within 24 hours, computer scientists—also hired hackers—easily broke into the system. Thanks to these geeks, after an online ballot was cast, the University of Michigan fight song would play. The head computer scientist, J. Alex Alderman, also noted that there were IP addresses from China and Iran trying to breach the system. On a positive note, however, the article pointed out millions of overseas and military workers would be enfranchised in November’s midterm elections through online voting. Relation to Government The topic of absentee voting—specifically online voting—directly pertains to the current topic in
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Unformatted text preview: government: voting. This article does a good job at analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of online voting, such as security breaches and wider representation. The textbook has a similar analysis, although without specific examples. The online voting system targets non-voters who may be too lazy or unable to go to the polling place within their precinct, such as workers in the army. Your Views I found this article interesting with a touch of humor. The Board of Elections and Ethics should be embarrassed that breaching their system turned out to be far too easy. I applaud the board, however, for testing their system, in hopes of finding security holes to patch up. The article mentions other states have not tested their systems, and I believe that will be very dangerous. As much as I would like for soldiers to be able to vote, if online voting systems are not confidently secure, they should not be used....
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