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Evan's government bill

Evan's government bill - Cybercrime Resolution 214...

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Cybercrime Resolution 214 Sponsored by Evan Chang 1. Be it enacted by the Congressional Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of 2. America that Congress dictates that cybercrime should be punishable with prison time as well as a 3. monetary punishment and that the offender’s computer should have restraints put on them. 4. Section 1:Definitions 5. The punishment of cybercrime should include punishment with prison time as long as payment. This 6. bill will be known as Prison Time for Cyber Crime. 7. Section 2: Specifications 8. In order to make a website that is going to sell anything, the creators must take a test in order to get 9. their license to say that they are able to make this website and understand the conditions they are 10. under. This does not include websites such as blogs or social network sites. Anybody who is 11. making a website must register with the government so that they are to be monitored for any illegal 12. activity. The license would be active as long as they agree to the terms of the rules. It will also be
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