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Government letter

Government letter - November 11th 2010 Mona Shen 5822...

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November 11 th , 2010 Mona Shen 5822 Applegate Ct Carmel, IN 46033 Dear Senator Lugar, In this letter I wish to develop my political efficacy in the American government by voicing my concerns on campaign financing. Having noticed the inundation of political ads this past election, my attention has been drawn to a particular bill—the Disclose Act. My negative view over the unclaimed soaring expenditures of the November elections are shared by an overwhelming majority of Americans, according to a Washington Post-ABC news poll. This poll, conducted in Feburary of 2010, found that 80% of Americans disapproved of the Supreme Court’s Citzens United decision. Most people, including I, want to see a more limited amount of corporate campaign spending. I fear corporations pouring money into politcs will dillute the voices of individual Americans. Politicians will, if not already, not remain focused on helping their constituents but on helping their corporate sponsors. The Disclose Act will help stop this obstruction of justice by disclosing the names of big corporate donors.
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