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Media Current Event - Shen-1 Meet the Press Notes Original...

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Shen-1 Meet the Press Notes Original air date: November 28 th , 2010 Guests: listed in notes above what he or she said I. Tension with North Korea a. Chief Foreign Correspondent in Seoul a.i. everything is in place for war, but still at “rhetoric” stage a.ii. China calls for emergency talks a.iii. America sending weapons a.iv. North Korea has surfaced missiles near coast a.v. This is about Kim Joong Ill’s succession to 27 year old son b. Senator Jon Kyl, Assistant Minority Leader (R) b.i. N.K. giving weapons to Syria and Iran b.ii. Not going to go out of what President says, just restates strong alliance with South Korea c. Senator Dick Durbin, Assistant Majority Leader (D) c.i. China can play valuable role in this volatile situation II. New Start Treaty with Russia a. Ed Gilespie, Former Councilor to President Bush a.i. Comments on cartoon depicting Start Treaty as new cold war, with U.S. and Russia against the Republicans b. Sen. Kyl b.i. Realistically views treaty as having not enough time to b.ii. Blames Sen. Harry Reid for his cluttered agenda b.iii. Higher priority items such as tax cuts that have to be delt with b.iv. Sen. Reid wants to focus on topics that his constituencies want b.iv.1. Firefighters bill b.iv.2. Tax cuts b.iv.3. Don’t ask, don’t tell b.v. “Harry Reid can’t do everything” b.vi. Start treaty will take at least 2 weeks to ratify, with many amendments to treaty needed b.vii. Only 3 weeks left until Christmas break b.viii. Host ironically states the last start treaty took 3 days to ratify b.ix. Quotes Washington Post, that the treaty’s urgency is political b.x. No urgent threat to national security c. Sen. Durbin c.i. Asked “can you get the treaty passed without Sen. Kyl?” c.ii. States importance of treaty to national security c.iii. Treaty should be ratified immediately c.iv. Draws on 9/11 c.iv.1. Bipartisan work led to creation, even during lame-duck session in Congress c.iv.2. Bush called for new department of Homeland Security c.v. Commends Sen. Kyl for his hard work on the treaty c.vi. Agrees with Sen. Richard Lugar that America will be safer with Start Treaty
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Shen-2 c.vii. Uses example of the threat in Iran with their new nuclear weapons III. Wikileaks a. Chief F.C. in Seoul a.i.
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