PC CE november 22nd - Mona Shen Period 4G 11/22/10...

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Mona Shen Period 4G 11/22/10 Political Cartoon Current Event Date of Cartoon: 11/17/10 Source of Cartoon: Time.com Date of article: 11/20/10 Source of Article: nytimes.com Due Date for Assignment: 11/22/10 Subject of cartoon: The cartoon depicts the new regulations for airport security by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Passengers in American airports must now go through a more invasive pat-down or see-through scanner to pass security. These new guidelines are in response to the dangerous objects that passed through security under previous inspection systems, such as the bomb attached to an ink cartridge. Another man also smuggled drugs through security by putting them in his underwear—probably a reason for the new, more invasive security system. Artist’s point: By drawing the airport worker asking “groping or non-groping,” the artist probably feels the new security system is too invasive. Since groping is normally referred to as an inappropriate and rough physical act, the artist criticizes the pat-downs to be inappropriate as well. The author may
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PC CE november 22nd - Mona Shen Period 4G 11/22/10...

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