Ch 7 Vocab

Ch 7 Vocab - opportunities to trade in China 9 a 1900...

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Mona Shen Ch 7 Vocab 1. Country with its own government but under the control of an outside power 2. the idea of a single state including all of North and South America. Persuaded the Japanese to sign a treaty allowing commercial transactions between the US and Japan 3. Journalism that 3eexploits, distorts, or exaggerates the news to create sensations and attract readers 4. extreme patriotism; favoring an aggressive, warlike foreign policy 5. Legislation that severely restricted Cuba's sovereignty and gave the US the right to intervene if Cuba got into trouble; U.S. gets naval base Guantanamo Bay 6. Law passed by Congress in 1900 under which the United States gave Puerto Ricans a limited say in government; ended military rule 7. geographical area in which one nation is very influential 8. policy proposed by the US in 1899, under which ALL nations would have equal
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Unformatted text preview: opportunities to trade in China 9. a 1900 revolt in China aimed at ending foreign influence in the country 10. permission granted by Panama for the US to dig a canal for $10 million; permitted by the British in order to make friends with US in hope of future support against Germany ; negotiated under Roosevelt 11. Roosevelt's 1904 extension of the Monroe Doctrine, stating that the United States has the right to protect its economic interests in South And Central America by using military force 12. foreign Policy idea by Taft to make countries dependant on the U.S. by heavily investing in their economies Mona Shen 13. Mexican revolutionary leader (1877-1923; killed and raided Americans; Wanted to take money from the rich and give it to the poor...
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Ch 7 Vocab - opportunities to trade in China 9 a 1900...

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